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> Solar Street Lighting Series
Solar Street Lighting Series
Item No.: CES 750
*photovoltaic 360°rotating, light-dependent control, illumination to daytime.
*Height(m):4-6m,pole or wall
*System voltage(V):DC5V
*Solar panel:30W
*LED light source(w): 20W

*Height(m):4-6m,pole or wall
*System voltage(V):DC5V
*Solar panel:30W
*LED light source(w): 20W.Life span:50000hr
*Daily working hours(h): 8-10h
*Rainy days:1-3 days
*Panels(W): mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline,silicon wafers with high conversion rate,life expectancy ≥25 years
*Battery(A) :3.2V/40AH LiFEPO4,Large capacity, long life, high temperature resistance,warranty 3 years.Service temperature: -40-+80℃.
*The solar courtyard lights are widely used in suc. places as urban squares, attractions parks,residential quarters,university campus and factory areas and pedestrian streets for lighting and decoration.which is elegant in appearance,easy in installation,no wire,no need for paying electricity fee for lighting,stable and reliable in working,without need for management,long in service life and energy-saving.

 CES 750 Packing Information
Solar panel 5V 30W
Grooss weight  11.1kgs
QTY in carton 2 sets
Package size 600*343*367mm
Project case:.night scene

Project case:Install at the factory gate.

Project case::Install at the factory gate.night scene.

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