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> New Solar Oven
New Solar Oven
Item No.: CM-86GX

1.Use :Horizontal tube baking, is convenient to take and put food.
Wooden handle, no protective lacquer coating
2.Security:Inner tube for food-grade SUS304 metal thermal collectors.
To avoid the common glass tube easily burst situation in high temperature above 200 DEG
3.Carry:It's easy to carry.

Conet Solar Oven is one new product of our company .It is a new way to barbecue.Comparing with the traditional way,solar oven is completely free energy from sunlight.Don't need fire.Safe and Clean without smoke.It not only can barbecue,but also can Boiling Water,Stew,Steam.Let your table to be more variety.
Using Solar Oven,Enjoy Solar Energy.Share Fresh Life with your family!

Net weight 7 kg
Roast tube diameter 8.6cm
Roast tube length 74cm
Expand size  87*80*70cm
Carton size 90*48*22cm
Working temperature 80°~300°


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