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> New-style low-carbon BBQ Grill
New-style low-carbon BBQ Grill
Item No.: CM-187
* BBQ,Boiling Water,Stew,Steam,Boiling hot pot
* Healthy,Safe

Model Specifications Serving people Weight Arts and crafts
CM-187 34*28*26cm 2-3people  2.7KG  Pinus sylvestris 
CM 187A 53*33*26cm 3-5people 3.0KG
Production View:

1.Three minute barbecue,supporting combustion,the bottom with alcohol ignition,ensure efficient energy charcoal 

2.With potentiometer stepless rotary switch, you can easily adjust the heat

3.Instantaneous combustion, without waiting for

4.Well-designed patent roasted rack,it's easy to carry

5.The parts are separated,it's easy for cleaning


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