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Solar Oven
Item No.: CM-86G
* BBQ,Boiling Water,Stew,Steam
* No Smoke,No Fire
* Healthy,Safe,No carcinogens

Conet Solar Oven is one new product of our company that we spent a year to develop it.It is a new way to barbecue.
Comparing with the traditional way,solar oven is completely free energy from sunlight.Don't need fire.Safe and Clean without smoke.It not only can barbecue,but also can Boiling Water,Stew,Steam.Let your table to be more variety.
Using Solar Oven,Enjoy Solar Energy.Share Fresh Life with your family!
  *Ultrafast Heating
  * Fun DIY installation.
  * High quality mirror panel;Light is concentrated by parabolic trough.
  * The metal inner tube,No fried tube and tube rupture risk
  * Small size,big expansion ,Maximize the use of light
  * Light in weight,about 9.5kg.

Enjoy Solar Energy.Share Fresh Life With your family.
     ♦ham sausage  5-10min
     ♦meat       10-15min
     ♦nuts        10min
     ♦Steamed           15-20min
     ♦seafood      15-25min
     ♦corn          25min
     ♦sweet potato   30min
     ♦vegetable   20-30min


Model Serving people Material Tube 
Roast tube capacity Carton size Temperature 
inside tube
 Net Weight Packing
 M-86G 3-5people Copper Liner 74cm 8.8cm 100*26*16cm 200-350 9.5kg Alum box

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