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Qingdao Conet Technologies Co., Ltd. focus on solar light, Solar Power Kit and outdoor barbecue new technology products of high-tech companies, have independent core technology and innovative products, many products of technology ranks at the forefront of the industry and distinctive.

Our company founded in 2007. Team members have more than ten years of experience in the industry, the technical director of the people's Republic of China solar light and heat alliance vice chairman. The company has a number of independent core technology, such as metal glass tube manufacturing, aluminum runner welding and anti-corrosion treatment ,these is completely different in the traditional craft, it has five years in the application of batch of Chinese, the effect is very obvious. In terms of product stability, service life, safety and cost competitiveness has been greatly improved.

The company focus on technology and product concept innovation, product technology are in China or the international advanced level, in good faith, innovation, win-win business philosophy, we are willing to work with Professional Company in various countries in the world to carry out cooperation and common development.

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